Your Perfect Ceremony

Your Perfect Ceremony


When it comes to your special day, you want an officiant who is committed to nothing less than excellence and professionalism.

Your Perfect Ceremony has an atmosphere of awed attentiveness. Dignity and formality create this. But it has personality too, exhibiting the couple’s own character. The goal is to creatively combine dignity and personality; hushed attentiveness punctuated by laughter and tears.

At the completion of your Perfect Ceremony, your honored guests will have no doubt that a sacred transaction has occurred—vows were spoken, lives were joined—but there is more! Your friends and family carry away compelling memories of two individuals perfectly matched and deeply in love.

Humor is present but appropriate, always respecting the dignity of the day. At a wedding officiated by Rev Russ, you will witness your guests irresistibly moving from dutiful presence (they may be anticipating the same old meaningless wedding ceremony) to genuine emotional involvement. By anyone’s definition, this is the Perfect Ceremony. Rev Russ is known for his ability to make this happen.

Some couples are outgoing and confident. They know what they want and thrill to the idea of being center stage on their much-anticipated day.

Some couples are more reserved, less sure or just plain shy, looking to the officiant for what the ceremony will be, hoping the spotlight of attention is less bright.

Some are elegant city venues with black-tie and careful choreography; others are precious backyard garden gatherings with little pageantry. Whatever the couple’s personality or type of event, Rev Russ knows how to make it work wonderfully.